REVIEW: Wazoo Survival Bracelet

NAH Editor Gayne C. Young checks out one of Wazoo Survival Gear's best sellers.

The good folks over at Wazoo Survival Gear were kind enough to send me an Adventure Bracelet to try while I was in the field with Capt Peacock Yachts & Expeditions down in Brazil’s Amazon.

I wore it on my wrist and on my ankle…


On my ankle.


It fit.

I wore it for my week of fishing and hiking though the rainforest and can honestly say that it offered extreme piece of mind.

This because within the strands of paracord are just about anything I needed to survive my getting lost in one of the truly last wild places on Earth.

It features, of course paracord.

A Firestarter Buckle with whistle.

A  Liquid-Filled Compass.

Ranger Bands.

Surgical tubing.

Fishing line.

Eagle Claw® Hooks and Split Shot Weights.

Safety pins.

A straw and a whole lot more.

The Wazoo Survival Gear Adventure Bracelet is comfortable, stylish, and about all you need in an emergency.

I’m wearing mine day in and day out from here on out.

Get yours at Wazoo Survival Gear today…cuz ya’ never know!