Give the Gift of Comfort

Carhartt has the perfect gift for exploring the outdoors in comfort.

Looking for a last-minute gift for someone who loves the outdoors? Here's a suggestion that is sure to bring a smile.

I recently had the opportunity to field test the Carhartt Upland Field Shirt. I tested it during deer season, and once I put on the roomy insulated shirt and literally never took it off.  I was hunting Pine Island State Forest in northern Minnesota, so I knew it would have to perform.

The first thing I noticed was the abundance of pockets, and more importantly pockets that were easy to access even under my hunting coat. This would prove to infinitely useful over the course of the season.

The next thing I learned was how well it shed mud and everything I managed to spill on myself during my stay. Let's face it - there's plenty of spilling going on in and around most hunting camps. This shirt took it all in stride and the staining was minimal.

The key to the comfort the shirt offered was the fact that the insulated panels kept my core warm no matter the conditions. It did this without all the bulk of insulated underwear layers, and seemed to breathe better to avoid becoming too sweaty during heavy exertion. That is critical to being able to sit for hours on stand.

The bottom line is that this is an ideal hunting garment that offers everything you want for outdoor recreation - be it hunting, fishing or hiking in moderate to frigid conditions. Looking for a companion piece? I also reviewed the Upland Hunting Vest during my pre-season trip:

Carhartt provides the perfect gift for the outdoorsman even if they don't know it yet. Just tell 'em a little elf told you.
-Phred Nelson, North American Hunter