Review: Rats

Finally, a rat hunting movie!

No other hunting movie has ever given me the creeps quite the way Rats did.

But then, to be fair, Rats isn’t all about rat hunting.

It’s more about humans’ interaction with the tiny vermin and how a lot of that interaction involves trying to kill them all.

And for good reason.

The film goes to great lengths to show just how nasty rats are.  They carry disease, eat our food, attack us, destroy property, and a whole lot more that prompts most humans to want to eradicate them off the face of the earth.

The film visits several locations around the globe to see how people interact with the uber predator.

In New York City, we learn that there could be more rats than humans and that attempts at curtailing the population has been a losing battle for humans for more than 200 years.

In India we see how rats are both hunted by men at night and worshiped by some during the day.

Rats are hunted for the restaurant industry in Vietnam…

Yummmmm, rats.

And are hunted with dogs for sport in the United Kingdom.

Although extremely entertaining and informative, the movie does make your skin crawl.

Or at least mine did.

Seeing rats invade home after home and having experts explain how almost nothing keeps them at bay can be quite unnerving and I found myself looking over my shoulder more than once during my viewing.

This just made the hunting scenes all the more enjoyable.

Rats is currently streaming on Netflix.