GIVEAWAY: Adventures In Rugged Places

We're giving away Adventure!

Santa screw ya' again this year?

Hanukkah just not deliver the goods?

Kwanza not doing much for ya'?

Never fear...

Cuz you have the chance to win big because this week we're giving away Adventures in Rugged Places. by J. Alain Smith.


The tales of adventure continue in J. Alain Smith’s latest action packed book, Adventures in Rugged Places. Share in the gut wrenching thrills as he hunts killer Nile Buffalo in Uganda, Leopard from the mountains of Tanzania and wily prey only found in frost bit Siberia in the dead of winter. This series of adrenaline packed stories takes you around the world with J. Alain Smith to some of Earth’s most exotic locales where you can experience not only the hunt, but the humorous side of travel and what it’s like living on the road over 200 days a year.

I've just started reading my own copy and promise you that this is one book that delivers...

And we'll deliver to you if you win.

To enter, simply take to the forums or email me why you want to win, your other favorite book, or anything clean...


We don't care what you write.

Winner will be picked at random on Friday December 30 or Saturday December 31...


I can't make plans that far in advance.

Don't feel lucky?

Then buy Adventures in Rugged Places HERE.

Good luck!

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