Happy Birthday Beer Can!

An icon turns 82 years old today.

Since long before I was legally allowed to have your contents, I've enjoyed your presence.

You've keep my beer cold and made it easy to transport.

You've been there at the start of lots of fun and too at the beginning of much trouble.

You've helped me celebrate many a hunt and fishing trip.

And helped me to forget sadness and disappointment.

Happy Birthday beer can!

It's hard to believe you are 82 years old on this day January 24, 2017.

You were the product of Krueger’s Finest Beer of Richmond, Virginia, conceived by owner Gottfried Krueger.

And following your successful trial run you were adopted by Pabst and Schlitz and then breweries the world over.

You are the end of the day for many a man and woman and without you we'd all be lugging bottles.

Happy Birthday Beer Can!

May your next 82 years be just as grand.

Anyone else thirsty?