Will Smith Knows Nothing About Deer Hunting

He might know about deer herding though

I was looking for a movie to veg out to late the other night and found I Am Legend on HBO.

I seemed to recall liking it the first time around and really liked the book it was based on so I dropped the remote and settled in with a few beers.

I started yelling at the screen barely five minutes into the movie.

This because Will Smith, or rather his character Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville, hunts deer by chasing after them in a Mustang and tries to nail them by shooting out the window.

Look, I understand this is a movie and movies are allowed to take place in unrealistic worlds, but, come on!  Really?!  Herding deer or even chasing them with a car? Did the guy that wrote the script even research deer hunting before putting anything on paper?

Watch the above and tell us what you think!