Did This Tow Truck Driver Spot Bigfoot?

What lurks in the dark woods?


Hunters and other that venture into the woods (or on the outskirts of the woods) often see things others don't.

Or would never dream of.

Such was the case with this tow truck driver.


I finally got permission to share my story, and while I will not, and cannot mention the companies name, I can share mine and the experience I had with Bigfoot one night while on the job. I can also share the vicinity of the encounter and my personal sighting.

My name is Kirk, I am a tow truck operator, and I have a license that allows me the tonnage to pull tractor trailers, or what most call "semi-trucks" that get stuck or wrecked along Highway 101 on the Olympic Peninsula.

This happened in just over 6 years ago, near a part of Highway 101 close to a place called Oil City. It was winter, there was snow, and I was doing security that night instead of towing...

Here are some true accounts and some Bigfoot stories from the PacWest! All of these stories are based on true accounts by the way. Many are real accounts shared by people for the first time on the PacWest Bigfoot blog, and here only. If you have a real account and would like to share your story please get hold of me here and let’s get your story out there…

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