Killer Cannibalistic Chimps!

Our closet cousin ladies and gentlemen.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Chimps are nasty.


Because they're just like us.

Only hairier and with less hygiene.

Chimps murder, exclude, bully, get high...all kinds of crazy stuff.


And how about some cannibalism?


They do that too.

Allow National Geographic to set the stage for the above video of chimp fun:

Back in 2007, Foudouko was the leader of more than 30 western chimpanzees living in Fongoli, a 10-square-mile patch of savanna in southeastern Senegal.

But a rebellion against his rule banished him to Fongoli’s outskirts—the start of a five-year exile that ended with his death at the hands of his former underlings, a killing perhaps motivated by competition over mates.

Isn't that nice!

They killed their leader then ate him!

Nature can be cruel!

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