TuffTruck Bag

Tuff is Tough!

The TuffTruck Bag is easy way to keep your goods safe and dry while in the bed of your truck.

It's not a camper or bulky crate mind you, but a lightweight bag made from waterproof, heavy duty, non-breathable PVC material that is water and dust tight.

It's measurements of 40" x 50" x 22"  give it 26 cubic feet of storage and the wide 40 inch zipper allow easy access.

And did we mention it's waterproof?

Watch how it runs through a car wash with ease.

The TuffTruck Bag is perfect for hunters, anglers, overlanders, preppers, and anyone else looking for easy and secure storage. 

Get your TuffTruck Bag HERE.

And look for our review and a Giveaway coming soon.

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