Ain't No Mountain High Enough

That's a lie. There are several mountains that are too high.

My step-mother died.

My father got colon cancer. 

And I had to spend a week on a yacht in Brazil.

All in November.

December brought the holidays.

January brought a week in a hotel eating and drinking myself silly at the DSC Convention.

Last week I did the same in Las Vegas at the SCI show.

A lot of stress.

A lot of beer.

A lot of steaks. 

And not much exercise. 

All of the aforementioned has added 10 unwanted pounds to my frame.



It added it to my gut.

This can't stand.

I have several hunts coming up and a summer filled with Boy Scout activities that I have to lead.


I headed to Enchanted Rock today.

Located just 14 miles from my front door, ER is a gigantic pink granite rock bubble that rises some 400 feet from the base.

It's 1.3 miles from the base of the rock to the top.

I've decided to hike this suck'a twice a day for a week.

Today was my first day.

So how was it?

I'm really outta shape and that extra 10 pounds killed me.

The curvature of the dome makes it appear as though the summit is always just a little but further.

This is a lie.

It's always further.

The terrain to the top is uneven and steep.

My first climb took about 20 minutes.

I caught my breath and headed back down to start round two.

Heading down gives you an appreciation of just how steep this pink menace truly is.

I made it to the bottom in far less time than it took me to climb up, caught my breath, and turned around for round two.

This assent took another 20 minutes and left me panting like a dog on a hot summer's day.

Still, I caught my breath and headed down to find...

That I was still 10 pounds over my normal weight.


Oh well.

Maybe tomorrow's hike will be just what it takes.


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