Ain't No Mountain High Enough 2

Day 2 of our Editor's attempt to get back in hunt shape!

I went to bed last night with sore legs, the feeling of accomplishment, and beer on my breath.

This because yesterday I climbed Enchanted Rock twice in less than an hour.

And because I drink a lot of beer at night.

I awoke this morning in decent spirits and ready for the challenge of day two of my plan to hike my way back into hunt shape.

The 14 mile drive from my house to Enchanted Rock is a beautiful one and filled with plenty unique Texas Hill Country character.

There's rolling hills, deep cedar, shallow oaks, and this Predator statue.


I'm not sure why this guy has an almost eight foot statue of the Predator in his yard.

Maybe someday I'll stop and ask.

But not today.

I hit the rock soon after and made my way into the park.

Being my second day to hike the pink beast, I thought it'd be easier.

It wasn't.

It was wet as hell, however, because for some reason my Camel Back sprung a leak and my  SOG Scout 24 backpack ain't exactly waterproof.  This made for one wet lower back.

En route to the top I thought of the three people I know who have successfully hunted Marco Polo sheep in Tajikistan.  How in the hell did they do it, I wondered.

They're all older and in worse shape than me and yet were able to take a sheep at more than 14,000 feet above sea level.  Here I was climbing only 400 and was winded as hell.

I felt even worse about myself when I came across this cigarette butt halfway to the summit.

It just reminded me of the fact that when I first moved to Fredericksburg almost 18 years ago I was able to climb the rock while smoking a cigar.


I'm getting old.

Still, I cast a long shadow.

I made the summit in 19 minutes which is one minute less than I did on my first attempt yesterday.

I took a second to catch my breath and drink what was left of my water and headed back down so I could start attempt number two.

The hike down was almost as tough and for the first time that day noticed that I was alone on the rock.

Please Lord don't let me fall and break my leg as there's no cell service up here!

Climbing back up for the second time was just as difficult as the first with my calves burning and my lungs screaming for air.

And just as it had the day before, the trip to the top took 20 minutes.

I paused for this selfie, turned, and headed back down.

We'll see if tomorrow's any easier.

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