What Beast's Killing Washington Cattle?

What's been killing cattle in Washington state?

Was it wolves?

A cougar?

A pack of song dogs?

Try again.


Bigfoot Kills Ranchers Cattle In Washington State - Where's The Beef?

The report said it was a pack of wolves, sorry to tell you, but that is not even close to the truth. Bigfoot stole and killed the cattle from my friends' ranch; it was not wolves, bear, or cougar.

As a matter of fact, proof number one; wolves were not even seen during the mid-eighties around this particular part of Washington state, and if they were, it was a lone wolf. And two; we saw what it was, and how it took its prey down.

Here is what we saw, and what was happening on the ranch that led up to this sighting that was both amazing and truly terrifying all at the same time.

Here are some true accounts and some Bigfoot stories from the PacWest! All of these stories are based on true accounts by the way. Many are real accounts shared by people for the first time on the PacWest Bigfoot blog, and here only. If you have a real account and would like to share your story please get hold of me here and let’s get your story out there…