Ain't No Mountain High Enough 3

Things get chilly for NAH Editor Gayne Young on his way back to hunt shape


They're just like doorknobs.

Everyone gets a turn.

Wait a minute.

I think I'm mixing my expressions.

Regardless, I have some excuses as to why I didn't go on hike number three today.

The first and foremost is that is was just too damn cold this morning.


Forty degrees is cold.

Real cold for this Texan.

This proved too cold to hike given my lack of proper clothing.

The second excuse for not hiking this morning comes courtesy of Apple.

See, yesterday afternoon I ran an Apple software update on my MacBook Pro and the whole thing crashed.

My laptop never came on again.

This means I'm on my way to the Apple Store - and hour and a half away - to get my laptop fixed so I can continue to do my job.


Excuses are like doorknobs.

And today I had two.

But rest assured I'll hike tomorrow!

Until then...

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