Mouflon Realities, Wolverine Dreams

Our Editor's son has big hunting dreams!

Only my son could figure a way to turn a mouflon hunt into a plea to hunt a wolverine.

This match-up from the dark recesses of his little soon to be 13-year-old brain started when my friend and lady friend's father Dr. Richard Allen invited Barrett to hunt an errant mouflon he had on his property outside Kerrville, Texas.

Barrett and I arrived mid-afternoon on Sunday and my son was given a quick tour of the good doctor's trophy room.

Like most trophy rooms of its size, Dr. Allen's is filled with dreams.

Especially for an up and coming hunter like my son.

He was taken by Dr. Allen's collection of game and even more so by the stories he had to tell about the animals' being honored within.

Barrett was especially impressed with Dr. Allen's wolverine.

"Where'd you get that?" Barrett stammered in excitement.

"In Alaska on a bear hunt," Dr. Allen answered.  "Got a wolverine but not a bear."

I didn't think much of Barrett's asking about the wolverine above the bar but soon realized my son had a thing for the beast as he asked about it and talked about it repeatedly for the remainder of the afternoon.

After Dr. Allen reminded Barrett of some important gun safety rules, the three of us headed afield in a 4-wheel drive Gator.

We immediately spotted whitetail after whitetail and later in the afternoon came across several sika and blackbuck.

An hour into the hunt, Dr. Allen spotted the mouflon we were after and he and Barrett made an unsuccessful stalk.

This not because the mouflon was skittish or aware that he was being hunted but because he was in with a herd of very acute sika deer that moved at the slightest noise, change in wind, or for who knows what reason.

But, that's hunting.

This pattern of stalk and return to the Gator without taking a shot was repeated several times throughout the afternoon as were questions about wolverines and how they are hunted.

Around 4:45 we found the mouflon standing beneath a motte of oaks some 125 yards across a small draw.

Dr. Allen led Barrett to within a clump of cedars, put him and his Ruger 7mm-08 on sticks, and told the young man to take his time.

That time was very short-lived and the ram went down to a single shot.

Barrett reveled in his take as did Dr. Allen and following a few pictures Barrett began once again on the wolverine angle. 

"Dr. Allen, do you ever get any wolverines on your property?" He asked.

"Can't say that I do Barrett," Dr. Allen chuckled. "But I'll call you to take care of them if I do."

Barrett went home happy with his hunt and dreaming of wolverines and the thought that he might one day hunt one with Dr. Allen.


I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for one to show up in the Texas Hill Country.

Our special thanks to Dr. Richard Allen for a great hunt and to Tim McCreary for setting us with a Ruger 7mm-08!

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