Trucker's Friend Survival Tool

Don't let the name fool ya'! This tool is for EVERYONE!

I know I'm gonna date myself on this one but...

Oh well.

When I was a kid truckers were all the rage.

Movies like Smokey and the Bandit and Convoy ruled the box office and TV shows like Sheriff Lobo and BJ and The Bear were considered must watch fare.

I'm not sure why.

Looking back, they were all pretty dumb.

Especially BJ and the Bear.


A trucker that drives around with a chimp?!

What was he hauling?


Any who...

The reason I bring up all this trucker entertainment is because today we're looking at the Trucker's Friend Survival Tool.

Don't let the name fool ya'.

This item is for anyone and everyone that enjoys the outdoors and wants to be prepared.

This suck'a features a curved axe, spanner, claw hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, wire twist, and pry bar.

It's the perfect tool to keep in your garage, glove box, on your boat, or in your RV.

Get yours HERE.


On to some BJ and the Bear!

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