What The Hell Camo!

This Camo is INSANE and INSANELY priced!

Fun fact.

Despite being an outdoor writer, I own very little camo.

This because I mainly hunt in safari-styled clothing.


No major company has approached me lately about wearing their goods.


That's how it works!

Companies give me clothing.

I wear it.

End of story.

That being said, I doubt any of the camo designers featured in the new Esquire will be contacting me soon.

Because I'm not really sure the camo featured is for hunting.

In fact, I'm not sure what it's meant for.

In the feature, How To Stand Out In Camo This Season...


That's not even what camo is for!

You're supposed to be hidden while wearing it!

How To Stand Out In Camo This Season features Narcos and Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal, wearing some top camo.

Take for example this jacket by Giuseppe Zanotti Design.

What a steal at only $2,495.

These trousers by Dries Van Noten run $1,060.

What do you think of this stuff?!

Should I contact the companies to see if I can wear on my next hunt?

See more at Esquire.

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