Real Hunting?

How a picture of a blind turned hunter against hunter.

It’s a story as old as the Internet.

Somebody posts something and somebody else rips it apart from behind the safety of his or her computer screen without knowing any of the facts involved.

The example I’ll discuss today comes from Facebook.

We posted the above picture earlier today with the caption, “SHARE if you know someone that would LOVE this deer blind!”

The post took off almost immediately with it reaching more than 40,000 people in less than an hour.  It garnered almost 2,000 comments in that same amount of time.  Most of these were funny.  Some weren’t.  Some people joked about what must go on in a blind such as this and others wondered about the cost of building such a structure.

One commentator however wrote, “Nope thats not real hunting sorry.”

This is the comment I have issue with.

Not for punctuation issues, mind you, but for its divisive nature.

How did this person know anything about how the people that own this blind hunt?

Again, we didn’t post any information about the people that owned or built the structure. 

All we posted was the picture and the caption, “SHARE if you know someone that would LOVE this deer blind!”

How did that turn into a judgment call?

And what good comes from posting something such as this against another hunter (we assume he’s a hunter because he’s following a hunting site)?

Does this person think that the owner of the blind will now change his or her ways?

That he or she will contact the commenter and ask to be instructed in what “real hunting” is?

And what good comes from one hunter bashing another over his or her blind in front of millions of people?

No, I’m not overreacting. 

This type of divisiveness is serious.

And a serious threat to how hunting is perceived by those that don’t.

Hunters making ignorant (Definition of Ignorant: lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular.) statements on social media is a huge issue and one that does no one any good.

Especially hunters.

Doesn’t hunting as a way of life have enough ignorant detractors without actual hunters throwing their ill-informed judgment into the mix?

Is it really that hard to keep your mouth shut in public about things you know nothing about?

Can’t we at least pretend to support one another where hunting is concerned?

Because if we can’t do the latter, all we’re really doing is helping bring about an end to what we all love in our own unique way.


To review.

Be nice!

Especially where hunting and hunters are concerned.

That is all.


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