Beauty and the Blade

Art and functionality combine with gorgeous results via Arno Bernard Knives!

I’ve hunted most of my life and written about it for more than two decades.

I’ve traveled Brazil, Africa, Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina, Papua New Guinea, Canada, England, and most of the United States.

I’ve attended countless hunting conventions, trade shows, and sporting expos.

And in all those years in the field and around the sport I’ve seen more knives than I care to remember.

I’ve seen knives designed for work and those crafted for display.

But very few that are as beautiful as they are utilitarian.

Arno Bernard Knives, however, are just that.

They are as gorgeous as they are durable.

They look good in the hand and cut just as well through even the toughest of hides.

Arno Bernard Knives are handcrafted one-by-one on the outskirts of Bethlehem, South African. Arno Bernard began forging his artful blades in the mid-1990’s.  Today, he is assisted by his sons and a handful of dedicated artisans.  Together they craft the finest blades of Bohler N690 stainless steel and handles of African warthog ivory tusk, giraffe bone mammoth ivory, and crocodile hide.

Arno Bernard Knives are, quite simply, some of the best knives one can purchase.

Some of my favorites are:

Gecko in Warthog

Warthog Tusk is very durable ivory that has a high-density which allows it to take on a beautiful luster after hand-buffing. The colored part of the tusk is typically the half of the tusk that was behind the gum line. If you are looking for a knife to add scrimshaw to at a later date, this handle material is a great choice.


Lion in Giraffe Bone

Giraffe Shin Bone is among the densest bones of any animal due to the tremendous stress it comes under when these several ton animals gallop. The handles are stabilized and died in brown tones and the varying amount of fat inside the bones causes every handle to have a unique pattern. 


Dagga Boy/Ivory Skinner

Beautifully designed scimitar skinner that combines black African Cape buffalo horn with creamy white warthog ivory in the handle for a striking contrast. Incorporates a finger groove into the stainless steel bolster to make sure your hand does not slip towards the blade during field dressing.  This spectacular knife is an African Sporting Creations Exclusive. Each one comes with a high quality, hand made leather sheath that covers almost the entire knife so you never need to worry about losing them.


Wild Dog in Mammoth Molar

Mammoth Molar is derived from a prehistoric mammal that belonged to the elephant family. The remains of these giants which had tusks that were sometimes up to 20’ long are found throughout the world. The fossilized molars are stabilized and polished to create a stunning handle, most with visible striations that are different colors. The color varies from molar to molar as each one absorbs the minerals in the surrounding sediment in which it was buried and each piece is as unique as a fingerprint. This ancient fossilized material is very rare and transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Arno Bernard Knives are available at African Sporting Creations

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