What The Hell Is This Massive Hairy Blob?!

The mystery object (beast) washed ashore in the Philippines

It washed on the beach of near Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands in the Philippines following a 4.4 magnitude earthquake that rumbled the coast last week.

Not knowing what it was -  or is - the locals combined the name "glob" and "monster" to dub it a "globster." 

It measures over 20 feet long and appears to be covered in hair.

And it stinks.

Like, real bad.

Real, real bad.

And despite pictures of the "globster" going viral no one was really able to identify just what the hell this massive, hairy, stinky blob was.

Until now.

Experts believe that it is the rotting carcass of a whale.

The "hair" are actually very decomposed muscle stands.


It's a rotting whale.

Now, what to do with it?