Chewbacca Likes Deer Butt

Yes, that's a deer butt in Return of the Jedi!

So, I'm watching Return of the Jedi for the up tenth million time with my kids this past weekend when I catch something I've never noticed before.

Chewbacca likes deer butt.

Whitetail deer butt to be exact.

This reveal came when Chewbacca sees a gut pile while on the forrest moon of Endor.

For the love of God, am I really typing this crap?


Chewbacca can't give in to temptation...

Because who doesn't love rancid guts?

he grabs the guts...

And he and his friends are sprung upward by a huge net.

It was a trap!

This puts Chewbacca face to face with a whitetail butt.

A whitetail butt with a fake set of teeth shoved in its anus.

Don't believe me?

Check out the above pic!

Tell me that's not a deer butt!

Now, considering all the fantastic creatures, models, and special effects in the movie of those previous, I have to ask, why use a deer butt as an alien life form?

The internet has given me no answer.

Maybe it was cheaper.

Maybe it was a joke the effects people thought no one would notice.

Maybe the effects people are hunters and they had an extra deer butt hanging around and after a few beers one of them said, "Ah hell, just shove some teeth it that one's anus n' we'll call it an alien." and the other effect people laughed and said, "Yeah man. Shove some teeth in there! That'll be hilarious!"

I have no idea.

All I do know is that, in the movie at least, Chewbacca loves deer butt.

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