Field & Stream GRAND OPENING

NAH Editor Gayne C. Young travels to Austin for the Grand Opening of the newest Field & Stream store!


My life as an outdoor writer is a cruel mistress.

A difficulty that few could cope with.

One that sees me hunting and fishing (often for free) and traveling the world looking for adventure and something to write about (also, often for free).

In addition, I also get to visit incredible locations and meet with the best outfitters.

Such was the case last Friday when I visited the newest Field & Stream store.

Despite the Cedar Park location being the company's 29th store and third in Texas, I had yet to actually visit one in person.

Sure, I'd made plenty of purchases via their Webpage, but Friday was my first time to set foot in an actually brick and mortar store.

And judging by the huge crowd waiting to get inside the store, I wasn't the only one eager to check it out.

I entered to find...


Hell yeah.

This is my kind'a store!

I passed the diorama and ventured forward to check out what more than 45,000 square feet of hunting, fishing, camping, and outdoors looks like.

I was not disappointed.

Like the Texas-styled pop up!


Camo galore.

More Yeti than I've ever seen in one place at one time.

And yet none of them had any beer.

Yes, I checked them all.

Rest assured I spent much time in the boating section checking out kayaks.

More taxidermy!

A lot more taxidermy!

I thought pirates had parrots...


You're not a pirate.

My bad.

While awesome, this is not the bag that that eagle lady brought her bird in with.


I asked.

The stores has a ton of archery equipment, a pro shop, and an archery range.

I thought about climbing up in this blind to get a better picture of the store but then realized that would involve a lot of effort on my part so...

I passed on that idea.

The fishing department - much like the rest of the store - specializes on local activities and the gear needed for such.

Overall, I spent about two hours in Field & Stream.

I picked up some shirts and made plans to return when I have more time to enjoy visiting my new favorite outdoors specialty store.

CLICK HERE to find the Field & Stream nearest you.

CLICK HERE to visit their Website!

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