Color Correcting Lenses

Colorblind? That can be a problem in the outdoors.

To be at the top of a hunter or fisherman’s game, they need not only to be quiet and quick, but have an eagle eye. Hunters, trackers and fishermen who are colorblind are at a disadvantage since it is harder for them to track wounded prey or see into water, especially during times of day when light is at its lowest – dusk and dawn – prime time for hunting and fishing. It’s also a safety issue if colorblind hunters are not able to see other hunters clearly.

If you are looking to cover this issue of colorblindness in hunters, trackers or fishermen, the Vino Optics red-green color-correcting glasses and lenses. The glasses can help those who are colorblind to see proper color to make life easier. It could be the difference between an epic day and a frustrating one.

VINO Optics was created by 2AI Labs scientists Tim Barber and Mark Changizi, the latter who found in 2006 the reason why we evolved color vision, which is to see blood under the skin in order to sense emotions and health. This discovery helped people understand that color vision allows us to “read” fellow humans better by seeing into their underlying physiological state and led to the design of glasses that enhance and correct colorblindness using patented technology.

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