A Chupacabra For The Trophy Room!

My Trophy Room is about to be complete!

Try though I have, I've failed to ever shoot a Chupacabra.

Hell, I've never even seen one while afield.

And I've hunted South Texas - prime Chupacabra territory - most of my life.

Oh well, I suppose the only thing I can do is just go ahead and buy a Chupacabra for my Trophy Room,

Good thing Dapper Cadaver sells one.

Granted, it's a baby one.

But beggars can't be choosers, right?

Here's what the Dapper Cadaver has to say about its Mummified Infant Chupacabra:

Realistic mummified chupacabra has a semi-poseable skeleton and real feeling mummy skin. Measures roughly 6" long.

All for only $75.00!

But wait!

You can rent the thing!

RENTAL OPTION. 1 week rental price is listed. Replacement value is the posted sale price. Rental account required. Subject to availability. If you need to rent today or tomorrow, please contact us.

Who the hell knew you could rent a Chupacabra?!

Damn, if it isn't a great time to be alive!

Get your Mummified Infant Chupacabra HERE! 

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