Carabin THIS! And THAT!

Cuz you should have a carabiner within reach at all times!

Full disclosure:

I'm not sure if "carabin" is an actual word.

I just kind'a threw it out there to make a fun title.


You don't like the title?

Well, then I screwed up twice.

Carabiners (/kær?'bi?n?rz/) or karabiners are basically a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate.

The name is a shortened version of the German word Karabinerhaken which means, oddly enough, "spring hook."

Although they are mainly thought of as tools for mountain climbers, they're actually very useful as an everyday carry item.

And they're extremely valuable for hunters, anglers, overlanders, preppers, campers, and anyone else that spends time outside.

This because carabiners are lightweight, nearly indestructible, and can be used for just about anything.

They can be sued to clip stinky or wet shoes or clothing to the outside of your pack or vehicle.

To hold hang keys, gloves, tools, and other items on your belt à la Schneider from One Day at a Time...


I'm dating myself.


Carabiners can also be used to collect rope, increase the pull of a zipper or other handle, to affix a cell phone, camera, GPS to something, to hang food at a campsite, hold a belt or bandoleer in place...

And the list goes on and on.

Just make sure to use a strong and durable carabiner for anything you really want to keep safe or affixed.

Tuff Write carabiners are made from precision machined aluminum, brass and titanium and are about as strong as they come.

Plus they're made in the good ol' US of A.

What do you use your carabiners for?

Let us know!