Safari Planning Timeline: 4-8 Months Out

NAH Staff Writer Jim Morando has made a list...and you should check it twice! Part two of a three part series.

Now that you have booked your hunt, simplify your safari preparation by reviewing our Essential Gear List and Trip Planning Timeline. These helpful reference tools were developed in conjunction with hundreds of veteran safari enthusiasts so the information is complete and easy to follow.

Here's what you should start thinking about 4--8 months before your safari.

If you are purchasing new boots, start breaking them in during training walks

Practice with your shooting sticks to familiarize yourself with them and to avoid developing a flinch from the bench while practicing with a big bore

If purchasing a leather culling belt and sling, bring it to the range along with your safari bino sling to break them in  and to get used to shooting with them

Purchase your medical evacuation policy

Get shots as early as possible (keeping in mind how long they last) in case of soreness/reactions

Check your passport expiration date, and that you will have the required number of empty pages.

Complete your Custom Form 4457 for firearms and other high value items

Secure all taxidermy tags

Call your cell phone provider and see if they can provide international services. If not, consider a satellite phone.    


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Trophy Pics courtesy of Limcroma Safaris

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