A Look At The Dapper Cadaver

This is your place for those unique Trophy Room needs!

Our post entitled A Chupacabra For The Trophy Room! was so popular that we decided to take a longer look at where it came from.

Dapper Cadaver is a death-related prop and prop fabrication shop that serves prop masters, set decorators, haunt professional…

What the hell’s a haunt professional?

And the movie and TV industry.

They also happen to have a load of cool animals that you’ll never be able to hunt in real life.

Here’s a look at some of our favs.

A jackalope. I’m guessing that’s from Texas.

Be careful what you wish for over this monkey paw.

Throw this Fiji mermaid back.

A chupacabra skull.

A camel shinbone.

Oh.  Hey.  Nice monkey you have there.

A baby chick.  Ahhhh, just in time for Easter!

A fruit bat.

Collection of four parasites.

A spotted terrier that appears to have been clocked by a truck.  Poor puppy!

And an undead parrot.

Yep. Dapper Cadaver has just about all the animals you want in your trophy room but will never be able to hunt in real life.

Visit Dapper Cadaver online or in person when you’re out in Sun Valley, CA

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