Review: APC’s Classic Table Stand

We review African Sporting Creations' Classic Table Stand!

African Sporting Creations' Classic Table Stand is the easiest and most elegant way we’ve ever seen to display a European skull mount.

It allows for 3D viewing…


You gonna stick that mount on the wall where you can only see half of it?

And offers a classic display for most European skull mounts.  

Each stand is hand finished with a custom bronze patina and, at eight pounds in weight, is super durable.

The Classic Table Stand also allows for multiple configurations and can be flipped over to allow for card display.

It’s available with an XL trident hook for elk, kudu, warthog, sheep and other large-skulled species or medium for small to medium sized skulls.  

In short, this one great mounting system.

Get yours at African Sporting Creations today!

Oh. The skull?

I took that four-horn at Champion Ranch in Colorado City, Texas.

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