Zoo Sues Agency Because Raccoon Now Loves...

NSFW! Maybe.

A Russian zoo says it’s suing an advertising studio for...


Turning a raccoon onto human breasts.



According to the BBC, Tomas the raccoon was loaned to an ad company to use in a commercial that features a topless woman.

The zoo believes the model had treats hidden around her in the bed she was on and on her person.

Now, the zoo says the ad was pornographic and that their Tomas is totally obsessed with human breasts.

The studio says this is absurd.

Our questions:

Who goes to a zoo to see a raccoon?

How does the zoo know that Tomas is now fascinated with breasts?

What do you think?

Watch the almost not safe for video below (the model is blurred, Tomas is not) and let us know what you think! 

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