On The Trail Of The Skunk Ape

What lurks in the Florida swamps?

It's upright.

Covered in hair.

Resembles an ape.

Stinks to high heaven.

And calls the Florida swamps home.

Insert mother-n-law joke here.

It's known as the Skunk Ape and many believe it to be an actual animal.

Again, hunters and others afield often see strange things they can't explain.


The name just says it all, doesn’t it? Florida’s Skunk Ape is said to wander through the swamps smelling like a combination of rotten eggs, and moldy socks. Tales of this unpleasant smelling creature have circulated around the Everglades for generations, but few have claimed to see it. Morgan joins Skunk Ape researcher Dave Shealy on his hunt to expose this creature. He bills himself as the Jane Goodall of skunk apes. “I am the expert,” he told a Bigfoot website last year “the state and county expert on the Florida skunk ape, and have been for years.” 

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