Celebrate: Serengeti Sundowner Scotch Carrier

The perfect carrier for celebrating your time afield.

There’s always a reason to celebrate when afield.

The catch of that monster fish.

The taking of a great trophy.

Or just the simple fact that you are afield.

But proper celebrating takes planning and specialized gear.

Thankfully, African Sporting Creations has you covered.

The Serengeti Sundowner Scotch Carrier is designed after the ones the British Military issued with their campaign furniture over 100 years ago and are made by hand in South Africa.  They are hand crafted from extremely thick vegetable tanned leather and will ensure your spirit of choice travels safely during your next adventure.

Each case measures 13” across, 7.5” deep, and 4” tall and comes complete with four glasses separated by a thick leather flap.

The Serengeti Sundowner Scotch Carrier is perfect for hunters, anglers, overlanders, campers, and others that enjoy celebrating while afield.

Get your Serengeti Sundowner Scotch Carrier HERE.

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