Pulp Magazine Covers

NAH Editor Gayne C. Young looks at some of our favorite pulp magazine covers!

Pulp magazines.

They were the stuff of male dreams and fantasies during the 1920s to the 1960s.

And no bigger dreams were there at that time than the adventure of the hunt.

Authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Peter Capstick, Zane Grey, and a host of now famous outdoor figures contributed to the pulps during their heyday and while their stories were more or less grounded in reality, the covers of the magazines featuring their stories were not.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite albeit most exaggerated hunting-themed covers

The grizzly came to kill!

Damn turtles!

Give me back my arm!

Damn bats!

Damn monkeys!

The lady and the gorilla!

Damn polar bear!

In addition to exaggerating the action – somewhat – most covers also featured scantily clad gals of rather desirable proportions…


You didn’t notice that?


Readers did, which is yet another reason these magazines were just so popular.

For these reason and others, we wish the pulps would come back!

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