Celebrate: Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters

What was majestic 10,000 years ago is even more so today.

Celebrating time afield with a cigar is a time honored tradition.

And there is no better way to begin that tradition than with a custom cigar cutter made from mammoth ivory.

African Sporting Creations' Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters are crafted from 10,000 year old mammoth ivory, feature blades forged from 440 stainless with a hardness rating of 57, and come in two sizes.

They come in a custom alligator skin case and can be personalized with your initials, company logo, hunting or fishing scenes, or almost anything you can dream of.

African Sporting Creations' Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters have been featured in such upscale magazines as Robb Report and Cigar Aficionado and make the perfect keepsake.

Each cutter is destined to become more cherished as time goes by.

Available at African Sporting Creations.

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