Turkey Calling: Why Position Matters

Let Mossberg show you why position matters!

Position matters.

In life.

At work.

And in the field.

Especially when after turkey.

Let Mossberg show you why position matters!


Many hunters call at turkeys. To be a craftsman, a turkey hunter most know effective turkey calling methods. In this turkey hunting video, you're going to look at the craft of position in relation to when to call at a tom.

Jason Cruise, host of Mossberg's Rugged American Hunter, walks you through how to call turkeys in a way that is often overlooked: the position from which you are trying to work the bird.

Turkey calling is far more than know how to use a mouth call for turkeys, or how to call turkeys with a box call.

All too often in turkey calling for beginners, people focus on how to go about creating yelps, clucks, and various sounds a hen makes; yet the concept of position is left out.

Position matters because it's very hard to call a turkey to a place he simply doesn't want to be.

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