Turkey Hunting The Badlands Part 5

Part 5 of NAH Editor Gayne C. Young's turkey hunt in the South Dakota Badlands!

After taking an exceptional Merriam at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, I hit the road with my new friends for a tour of Badlands National Park.

The first section of our drive through the park didn't look "Bad" at all.  Rather it consisted of gentle rolling plains dotted with herd after herd of bison.

The prairie soon gave way, however, to reveal the topography one generally associates with the Badlands.

And just as the landscape changed so too did the wildlife.

We started seeing herd after herd of bighorn.

Some, such as the above, were new arrivals into the park and thus tagged.

I watched these two young ones bash heads for several minutes.

Can you spot the rams in this photo?

I knew you could.

From the Badlands we drove to Circle View Ranch to get a taste of South Dakota ranch life.

Here, writers Jon Stokes, Lou Marullo, and I enjoy the ranch's gorgeous views.


Lou looks familiar?

That's because he's the lead singer of famed Heavy Metal band Manowar.


Lou (on the left) looks a little different at his other job.

I'll see if I can get Lou to belt on some tunes in the car tomorrow for the last leg of my So Dak tour!

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