Just Who Buys These Wildlife Treats?

Need some owl dump?

The psychedelic tunnel that is the Internet rabbit hole can take you to some weird places.

You start out looking for some outdoor activity or great hunting story to write up at 11 PM, next thing you know it's two in the morning and you're wondering why people would be discussing whether midgets (Yeah. The article I found used the word "midget."  Apparently the Internet has some PC growth it need to work on) have night vision and just who the hell buys owl dump.


I found myself looking at owl dump for sale.

I know.  

I know.

I should have stayed on the page that dealt with little people seeing in the dark.


Owl  Pellets are sold on Amazon for $12.99 and, according to the product description are great way for kids in grades 3 - 5 to, "Discover and learn about food chains/webs, owls and more through hands-on investigations."


I'll buy that.

I'll accept that there are some kids that might enjoy playing with owl crap, but just where are all these owl pellets coming from?

That's what I wanna know.

Is there an owl farm somewhere?

Because, I gotta say, as an outdoor writer I'm in the woods quite a bit and I rarely come across owl droppings.

Let alone enough to sell online.

Anybody have any ideas?

Because I can't think straight.

I stayed up too late looking at owl crap.

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