Watch Afield: Suunto Traverse Alpha

The Suunto Traverse Alpha Hunting and Fishing Watch is THE WATCH for hunters, anglers, overlanders, hikers, and more!

Good Lord Almighty do I want this watch!


Because this suck’a is designed specifically for hunters and anglers…

Would be a spectacular addition to my forthcoming overland adventures…

And looks pretty bad ass.


Bad ass is one word?


And looks pretty badass!!


Yeah, I like the extra exclamation point as well.

The Suunto Traverse Alpha Hunting and Fishing Watch is jam-packed with technology designed to improve and enhance your time afield.

It features Hiking, Fishing and Hunting modes, Sunrise-sunset times and alerts, Moon phases and moon rise/set times, Automatic Shot detection, and is Red backlight, Night Vision Goggle compatible.  It also comes with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activity tracking of steps and calories, has a Weather trend and storm alarm, Real-time breadcrumb view of the recorded track, is water resistance to 100 meters, and carries a ton of other features.

Too many to list here in fact.

Well, I could list them but I doubt you’d read them.

Watch the videos instead.

Learn more about the Suunto Traverse Alpha Hunting and Fishing Watch HERE!

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