All Hail the Carhartt Mom

Carhartt salutes PIper, the 'Carhartt Mom' for Mother's Day.

The number of American women spending time hunting has spiked 25 percent the past five years. According to Census Bureau statistics cited by National Geographic, while men still make up the majority of the 13.7 million hunters in the United States, 11 percent are women. 


For those 11 percenters…Carhartt is there for them. And this weekend, as the country celebrates moms, we are celebrating the, “Carhartt Mom.”


The attached video is a special tribute to the Carhartt Mom that the brand is showing on its social channels. Wanted to send it to you in the hopes you would share with your audience as well. The video showcases Piper and her daughter, from Oklahoma. A few interesting facts about Piper:


• Bowhunting for 10 years

• Shooting a bow since she was 5 years old 

• Killed 7 deer with a bow, two bucks. So many with a rifle we lost count. 

• Her Mom and Dad were competitive traditional archers

• Daughter Charlsie is 3.5 and has been shooting a recurve for about a year

• She’s shooting a PSE Phenom set at 45 pounds, PSE Radial X-Weave 100 arrows, shoots Muzzy 3-blade 100-grain heads at deer. 

• The shots on the 3-D target are closer to middle than forward because she learned a long time ago to stay away from the shoulder bone with a light-poundage setup

• The two shots featured in the spot are placed in rear lung/liver, which is fatal 100% of the time

• Piper held the record in Oklahoma for largest Pope & Young (archery) buck killed by a woman for a long time. It gross scored in the high 160s or 170s and netted in the 140s due to large number of abnormal points. 

It's safe to say we at North American Hunter are proud to proclaim "All Hail Mom!" To Piper and all the Moms out there...