WTH? Chanel Boomerang!

Just What The Hell Chanel?

Please note that today's date is May 15, 2017.

It is not April 1.

I point this out because this is not a joke.

Chanel has actually made a boomerang.

And is selling it in their stores,

For around $2,000.

That's right.

Chanel, the house of style famous for bathing Marilyn Monroe before bedtime and Haute Couture (NOTE: this is the first time the words "Haute Couture" have ever been used in a North American Hunter article) now sells a primitive weapon. 

Again, for around $2,000.

This according to the Daily Mail.

The boomerang is made is described by Chanel as "black with wood and resin" and features the Chanel logo.

The description doesn't mention whether this is a just-for-show boomerang or if it can actually be used to clock kangaroos and koalas with deadly accuracy.

And, as again, this is 2017 Chanel's selling a boomerang has racked up a ton of outrage on Social Media with many stating this is "cultural appropriation" at its worst.


Is it though?





Cultural appropriation?

I'm not so sure.

I think it's just really bad capitalism. 

As in, who the hell would buy a $2,000 boomerang.

Would you?

And, if so, would you hunt with it?