A Hunting Trip...For Bigfoot

The hunt is on...for Bigfoot

A week or so ago we told you how Sam Elliot planned to kill Bigfoot - and Hitler - in an upcoming movie.

This week it was announced that another Bigfoot movie will be hitting theaters soon and this one too focuses on a hunt for the famed North American Ape.

About A Hunting Trip...

A Journalism student embarks on a journey to try and discover the truth surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon. He ends up in rural North Carolina where a group of local investigators lead him down the rabbit hole of their findings.

Shot over the course of a few weeks and with a budget of $120, A Hunting Trip is an example of micro-budget filmmaking that can be accomplished in ones backyard.

I gotta say, the above trailer looks pretty good for something that supposedly costs so little.

What do you think?