Review: Field & Stream Men's EveryHunt Turkey Vest

Here's the lowdown on the Field & Stream Men's EveryHunt Turkey Vest

Turkey vests get very little respect.

Which is a shame because when they're well-made and functional...

They're worth every penny.

When they're not...


They suck.

Watch the above for my take on the Field & Stream Men's EveryHunt Turkey Vest.

HINT: It's worth every penny!

Field & Stream Men's EveryHunt Turkey Vest

Set-up your space with convenience and comfort when you are wearing the Field & Stream® EveryHunt Turkey Vest. Constructed polyester ripstop shell and lightweight and breathable polyester mesh, this vest has everything you need to take down the turkeys. Equipped with 8 pockets, multiple accessory holders inside the pockets and a deployable padded seat, you will feel organized and prepared for when they enter into your territory.


  • Lightweight and breathable mesh with durable ripstop fabric

  • 2.75” deployable padded seat with PVC coated bottom and open and closed cell foam padding for element protection and support

  • Deployable seat automatically stows when you stand up

  • 2 adjustable buckles at front closure keeps vest in place

  • 8-pocket design features 4 mouth call pockets, 2 cargo pockets, 1 box call pocket and 1 front storage pocket

  • Includes shell holders inside right cargo pocket, 2 friction call holders and 3 striker holders inside left cargo pocket, 2 loops for tethering crow calls, 1 box call and 1 game bag

  • Field & Stream® embroidery on left chest

  • Shell: 100% polyester ripstop, Mesh: 100% polyester

  • Style: MHA3301

Production Notes:

FS EveryHunt Shooting Shirt by Field & Stream

Grooming by...Come on! Does it look like anyone groomed Gayne?

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