Father's Day 2017 Part 1

Treat dad to the best of the outdoors from African Sporting Creations

Father's Day is just around the corner and I've started making my list.

Here's a few things from African Sporting Creations that I'd like to find under the tree come June 18, 2017.


That's Christmas?


It's Father's Day!

I can have a tree if I want one!

British Campaign Gun Rack

This beautiful and functional piece stores up to 9 firearms in leather covered spaces that are wide enough to accommodate 12 gauge S x S shotguns. When set up, it measures 36” wide x 32” tall and 26” deep. When it is folded for transport, it measures 36” wide x 33.5” tall x 5” deep. The wood tray on top measures 21”x 3 ½”x 3 ½ “and can accommodate 4 boxes of big bore cartridges or six boxes of 12 gauge shells. They are custom-made, one at a time, by skilled South African artisans and feature beautiful African mahogany frames, thick saddle leather, solid brass fittings and a heavy-duty canvas carrying strap that attaches to heavy-duty brass eyelets. This is an extremely sturdy and finely crafted piece that folds flat for transportation and can be deployed in minutes. These heirloom quality creations are nice enough to be displayed inside and rugged enough for field use. Order one today and take a little bit of British ingenuity with you wherever you go! 

Enjoy the luxury of this must have British Campaign Field Bar/Writing Desk (shown stocked above) that is beautifully crafted from rich Rosewood. Since the days of the early 1700’s British Campaign Furniture has been treasured for its innovative design, durability, and elegance for providing British troops with easily transported elegance while stationed in far corners of the globe. All partitions in this piece are removable to allow for a custom fit and there is even a spot for a decanter and glasses, or take the spacers out to make room for books. All the brass pieces on this extraordinary piece are hand-made-from the brass corners to the miniature skeleton keys that fit the solid brass padlock. A remarkable piece of furniture, as stunning as it is functional that would be right at home in your office, home or afield. Looks great on our Kruger Folding Table and leaves room to spare for appetizers. Measures 25” L x 10” W x 13” T. 


Mammoth Molar Drop Point

Beautifully designed drop point hunter that utilizes fossilized mammoth molar which is millions of years old for the handle. The striations in the molar are unique so no two are alike! Incorporates a finger groove into the stainless steel bolster to make sure your hand does not slip towards the blade during field dressing. Blade is Bohler N690 surgical stainless steel and bolster is 303 stainless steel. The blade measures 3.5 inches.  The overall length is 8 inches.

Courtney Havesack

The Courtney Havesack is available in Impala (featured above) and Ostrich (below) offers timeless elegance, beautiful design and is perfectly-sized for an overnight adventure or for carrying the essentials on safari.

Both offer room enough for a day hunt afield or a weekend getaway, get softer and more durable as they age, and will provide decades worth of style and durability.

The Courtney Havesack is the bag to have and to pass down to the next generation of adventurer.

African Sporting Creations' Classic Table Stand 

The African Sporting Creations' Classic Table Stand is my (and the rest of the NAH office staff's) new favorite way to proudly display our hunting trophies.

It gets the trophy off the wall and offers an elegant and classic display for most European skull mounts.  It's durable as hell being crafted from cold-rolled steel and can be personalized in a number of configurations.

Each stand is hand finished with a custom bronze patina and, at eight pounds in weight, is super durable.


The display's unique trident hook works on almost any skull and insures that there is no drilling or damage to the skull when mounted.

African Sporting Creations' Classic Table Stand is available with an XL trident hook for elk, kudu, warthog, sheep and other large-skulled species or medium for small to medium sized skulls.  

In short, we LOVE this mounting system.

Get yours and all of the above at African Sporting Creations today!

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