James Bond On Safari

A look at Roger Moore's safari connection

While I believe hands down that actor Daniel Craig is by far the best Bond ever to grace the screen, Roger Moore was the Bond I grew up on.

I saw a few of his movies on the big screen but caught most of them on HBO.

And while I now consider most of Moore's outings as Bond to be high camp, I sure loved them in my youth.

Especially his clothing.

No, I wasn't into fashion per-say in my youth, but rather was really into safari.

I watched safari documentaries, safari movies, and read all I could about hunting the Dark Continent.

That's why I always got a kick out of Moore's safari clothing.

And he actually wore a lot of it.

He dressed for safari in Live and Let Die, Moonraker, The Man With The Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, and more.

So much safari wear in fact that the folks over at Bond Suits put together a graphic of all his safari wear.

Yes, other Bonds have worn safari clothing on screen, but none with as much style as Roger Moore.

And none inspired me fashion as much as he.

You will be missed Sir Moore!

You will be missed.

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