Overland: East Coast Defender Project Viper

Upgrading an Overland Beast!

Want an upgraded beast of one of the most durable and famous overland vehicles of all time?

You have an extra $285,000?

Then the East Coast Defender Project Viper is for you!

The iconic Land Rover Defender is a 68 year old workhorse of a vehicle that is found tearing up the worst of Africa and Australia.

East Coast Defender took that beast and improved upon it by replacing the stock engine with a 6.3 liter Chevrolet LS V8 and 6-speed automatic, adding heavy-duty axles and suspension, and completely redoing the interior.

The result is an overlander that can conquer the worst of Earth and the best of city life.

Again, all for under $300,000!

What do you think of the East Coast Defender Project Viper?

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