Overland: Tonke Classic Woodline Camper

Overland ability with the classic look of wood!

Remember back in the day when station wagons had wood grain?


The Tonke Classic Woodline Camper ain't nothing like those!

Because the Tonke Classic Woodline Camper is actually pretty damn cool.

And gorgeous.

The Tonke Classic Woodline Camper sits on a Mercedes Sprinter, is built by hand in the Netherlands, and is lined inside and out with mahogany.

The interior features a huge sleeping area, a large marine double-door fridge, a kitchenette, and lots more.

Plus, the whole thing is powered via solar panels and rechargeable batteries.

Yes, the Tonke Classic Woodline Camper is an overland dream.

Too bad I don't have a Mercedes Sprinter to carry it around with.

Do you?