Camp Hacks

Here's how I made my life just a little bit easier while at my son's Scout camp.

I just returned from a week with my son's Boy Scout Troop at Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch.

And as I had very little to do other than sit around and sweat, I put together the following showing just how I made my life a tad bit easier during my time in extreme West Texas.

My home for the week (above) was a heavy canvas wall tent that was somewhere between 30 and 50 years old.

The bungee cord I ran along the top guide post allowed for me to get my uniform up and out of the way.

It also allowed for me to hang my Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag within easy reach.

Gotta keep those products nearby!

Even if they all did melt!

A special shout out to my lady friend Kate for the bag!

It's awesome.


My TV tray and Ammo Crate made the perfect height for my O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan with AC Adapter.


Yeah, I used a fan out there.

It was hot!

I kept the majority of my non-clothing, non-toiletry items in a MTM Ammo Crate.

It worked great and kept all my goods dust free.

I kept my cigars in my two OtterBox Dry Boxes.

Not sure why I brought so many cigars.

Smoking's not allowed at Boy Scout camp!

I kept all my clothing, bedding, and towels in my Plano Storage Trunk.

It holds a ton of gear, fit perfectly under my cot, and wasn't too large as to be difficult to move or carry.

I used UCO's Stakelights to keep my tent in place.

Not only were the stakes sturdy enough to be pounded into the desert floor but their LED light was bright enough to keep me from tripping on guidelines when I got up to hit the bathroom.

Which i did a lot.

Cuz I'm old.

Again, these were just a few of the products and hacks I used to make my week bearable.

Yes, it was hot as hell out there and my forced beer abstinence was a daily chore....


But it was the least I could do for this guy.

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