First Look: Predator PDL Pedal Drive Kayak from Old Town

Old Town unveils their new Predator PDL pedal driven kayak at ICAST 2016.

Ah yes, ICAST 2016 is upon us. Manufacturers are busy setting up booths as I type this, and the doors open tomorrow for the press. There's a ton of buzz surrounding new products and new boats coming to the world of kayak fishing, with at least two (and we believe three) new pedal driven kayaks to be unveiled this week. Where two companies have been battling for dominance in the pedal drive space, there will now be at least five, and that means a few things for kayak anglers: more options in propulsion, lower costs for pedal drive kayaks as competition increases, and we'll no longer have to be married to one or two brands to enjoy the benefits of pedal driven sit-on-tops.

Old Town was the first to begin hinting at a new pedal drive kayak, and sure enough, the new Old Town Predator PDL has been leaked. Here's what we know so far:

Old Town Predator PDL Specs

    • Length: 13’ 2” 
    • Width: 36"
    • Weight: 96 lbs (hull) + 21 lbs. (drive)
    • Capacity: 500 lbs
    • MSRP: $2,799.99

Featuring a propellor style drive, this boat will go in forward and reverse, an advantage that has long been a sole advantage for Native Watercraft's Propel series of kayaks. The pedal drive will tip up easily for shallow water or landing on the bank. And of course, the boat mirrors the wildly popular Predator style, packed with features and performance.

We'll be reporting LIVE from ICAST all week, and will follow up with a video walkthrough of the new boat as soon as we get there.

The new age of pedal driven kayaks is upon us, and we couldn't be more excited.