Spotlight: Bradley Bowers, 13 Year Old Kayak Angler

In a world full of violence as of late, Bradley Bowers restores our faith in the next generation.

The next generation is ours to shape, and as social media and video games tighten their grasp on our youth, it’s more important than ever to get kids outdoors. It’s more important than ever to teach them the value of the natural world around us. Meet young Mr. Bradley Bowers:

“Hi, I am Bradley Bowers and I am thirteen years old. I got into kayak fishing early last year after one of my neighbors took me and I was hooked. Even though I have only been kayak fishing for a year, I have been fishing since I can remember. Since then I have been fishing Kayak Bass Fishing TN tournaments and I have loved it. My favorite thing about kayak fishing is that everyone is so nice and so willing to help you. Thank you everyone for making this a great year.

Bradley’s candid reaction to his new personal best bass is priceless.

When was the last time you took a kid fishing?