Kiera Landers: 11 Year Old Kayak Fishing Tournament Angler

At 11 years old, Kiera Landers is already making waves in the kayak bass fishing tournament scene.

These days, it seems to be getting more and more rare to be truly inspired by someone. Even more rare is when that inspiration comes in the form of an 11-year old girl. Meet Kiera Landers: a young girl that is making waves in the kayak bass fishing tournament scene up in Michigan while simultaneously restoring my hope for the next generation of anglers.

Kiera registered for the social division of the KATS Midwest tournament (hosted by Summit Sports and Austin Kayak) on Kent Lake. Against all odds and a much older field of competitors, she took first place as the only youth angler in the tournament, beating out all other social entrants as well as twenty six pro division competitors. 

Now, with a pro staff position from Summit Sports and a new Hobie Sport to fish out of, Kiera is primed to continue her journey as a young kayak angler and become an inspiration to little kids with big dreams. 

This is the story of Miss Kiera Landers. 

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