Kayak Fishing for Big Snakeheads with Andrew Huynh

Andrew Huynh chases big snakeheads on topwaters while shedding some light on this invasive predator.

Come along as Andrew Huynh from Philadelphia chases massive snakehead on topwaters. Andrew has been fishing for snakeheads for a couple of years now, and they have jumped to the top of his list as his favorite fish to target. With all the misinformation and hate surrounding the species, he wanted to learn as much about them as possible so he could "defend" his new favorite game fish. After countless hours of research, he was able to compile a long list of reputable sources which he now uses to educate others on the topic. He has caught both Northern and Bullseye snakehead, and next on his list is the infamous Giant Snakehead. His current goal is to break the double digit barrier. 

To see more of Andrew's videos, visit his YouTube channel.