Canoe Fishing Expedition: 100 Miles through the Adirondacks - Ep. 4

Four kayak anglers continue their 100 mile canoe fishing expedition through upstate New York.

Haven't seen the first 3 parts yet? Click here to watch Part 1 or click here to watch Part 2 or click here to watch Part 3. 

Join Robert Field, Rex Del Rey, Ben Duchesney and Mark Vlaskamp as they journey 100 miles through the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in upstate New York. They'll face grueling portages, icy rapids, beaver dams and snow storms while catching big fish along the way.

In the fourth and final episode, the guys are still behind schedule. Day 7 begins with their final major portage, but their worst fear is realized when their portaging system suffers a serious setback. Then Robert makes a critical mistake that costs them precious time, and the guys realize they aren't going to be leaving the Adirondacks on schedule. 

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